Threat Protection

Stop Threats Earlier With our Managed DNS Filter

AI-Based DNS Protection

Protecting your entier organisation from online security threats and undersirable content is easy with our Managed DNS Filter. Our Artificial intelligence based protection Stops threats easiler.

Larger set of solutions out there deend on static, human-categorized databases that are often out of date, leaving millions of domains uncategorised and allowing users to continue to access domains that maybe malicious.

Available as a part of our Managed Services, our Managed DNS Filter service ensures that you are protected with the up-dated threat and domain analysis, blocking threats and malicious domains in realtime.

Our solution is comprehensive and customisable to your needs, you can select categories you want to block - Adult Contnet, Illegal Content, Gambling, Even Streaming Media and Social Media.

Our 24x7 Network Operations Team and our Support desk is always available to you in case you need support, or need a specific domain to be whitelisted. Our technical support staff will ensure you always get the answers you need, when you need them.

Our DNS Filter has also shown improvement in productivity for our clients, other than protection. Blocking distracting (and inappropriate) sites in your workplace can ensure that your employees get more work done, and when they do browse the Internet - they are safe and secure.



Our Managed DNS Filter service easy to sign up and as simple as a 3 Step process to deploy. If you are a manged services customer, talk to your account manager and we will have you signed up for this service.



Our Network Engineering Team will help you configure the DNS in such a manner that it can't be bypassed. Settings will be pushed through your Network to all users who are connected, ensuring that all your users are protected.



Review the Categories you want to block. By Default we block Adult Contnet, Phishing Networks, Botnets, and Illegal websites. Any additional categories can be setup on the fly for your business.
  • User Friendly Design
  • No user reconfiguration required
  • Protects Networks of all sizes
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Security
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Activity Reports
  • Fantastic Support​
  • Improve Productivity​
  • Reduce Network Threats
  • No Hardware Purchase Required
  • Filter Malicious Threats

Cyber attacks are rising, and sometimes your users may become a part of the attack!

Learn how our Managed DNS Filter service can keep you and your teams secure.

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