Himand Storage

A Cloud Archive for Your Legacy Data

Secure, Perpetual Storage

Simplify data retention with cloud archive storage. The amount of data your organization must manage and retain is multiplying. Cloud archive storage solutions from System3 can help reduce the cost and complexity of managing business-critical information.

Active archives can offer secure ongoing access to archived data from any user device, anywhere in the world. System3's Himand Archive storage allows you to scale exponentially into petabytes while abstracting the details of the underlying storage hardware from the digital archive.

Long-term data retention is necessary if you need storage for business needs or other obligations. Our focus is to reduce your costs and ensure data security and recovery.

We treat archived data with the greatest of care. Each file is fragmented and replicated on our redundant infrastructure. Each fragment is written on a different storage device, with systems that constantly ensure the integrity of the information.

System3's cloud archive storage can store files and emails to simplify search, retrieval, and e-discovery. By creating a single repository for all business data and communications, System3 reduces information archive solution costs and minimizes the difficulty of managing ever-growing volumes of data.


Secure and reliable

Fragmented, redundant, replicated sotrage pools allow for data to be stored securely, and reliably.

Industry Standards

Recovery via standard, easy to use protocols, such as SCP or rsync.

Reduced Costs

Secured storage clusters designed to offer the best possible price, and high speed access as and when you need the data.

Secure from the start

Protected with the highest level of security, from HTTPS and 256-bit AES keys to use to encrypt and transfer data, solution is designed to host sensitive financial, design, medical or employee data.

Nightly Backups

All plans include nightly off-site backups to two locations which are securely stored offsite.

Always on-shore

System3's cloud archive is only offered for on-shore data storage inside the boundaries of the Republic of India, keeping you compliant, and secure.



Start with the storage you need, and get setup, scale the storage as per your needs. Once your logins are created you can start moving your data.



Getting limited by Internet speeds, and bandwidth limits - don't worry, ship all the data in disks to us, and our local teams will connect these to a machine where you can access them and do a local cloning, saving you hours of your time.



Want to recover terrabytes of data, and dont' want to spend endless hours doing it, due to speed/bandwidth restrictions - dont' worry, request your data on local diks, shipped to you as need be.
  • Lowest-priced archive storage tier
  • Data at rest automatically encrypted
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified service
  • Scalable, Reduced Costs
  • Standard protocols for push and pull
  • No Upfront Capital Costs
  • Data stored on-shore
  • Use your own encryption keys
  • 24x7 Network Support Teams

Comparing costs to tape?

The cloud is an alternative to on-premises tape, which is frequently used to archive data for long-term retention. Have questions, or want to konw more, how we can help you keep your budgets in place, yet give you scalable storage?

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