Asset & Patch Management

Visibility and Security for your IT Assets

Vulnerability Detection & Patching

It takes one unpatched device to put the entire IT at risk. Keeping your IT systems up to date is crucial, and neglect can lead to significant vulnerabilities due to outdated software.

Cyber attackers can use open backdoors to access your networks and data, putting your organisation at risk if timely patching of your IT equipment, and devices is not done.

Patching IT systems regularly drastically increases the safety and integrity of networks. Our Network Operatoins Team keps a watch on all patches using Automation Tools and depending on your organisations defined policies, deploys these patches as they become avilable, keeping your network and IT assets secured.

The other big challenge that organisations face is to keep their devices in healthy condition, not having pirated software installed or unauthorised applicaitons, and never loosing oversight of your hardware and software.

Our Asset management tool provides you with an up-to-date overview of all your deployed hardware and software, with spontaneous audits, compliance deviation reports, and checking for forbidden or potentially dangerous applications.

Our Asset Management and Patch Management solution drastically increases uptime, work productivity, and end-user happiness.



We can deploy our tools through a standard applciation, whether you use Windows or Mac's in your network, once you sign up, we can start deployment.



Once our Management tool is installed on these devices, we start recieving updates and management data in our dashboard. Our team then works with you to setup an organisation policy to monitor and patch.



We keep your devices up-to-date, rolling out patches, and ensuring any OS vulnerabilities are patched and fixed as we go along. A month on month report is submitted to you to review status, and updates of work done.
  • Windows Updates
  • 3rd Party Application Monitoring
  • Easy Roll-Out
  • Automation Backed by 24x7 Support
  • Custom Policies
  • Gain Visibility into IT Assets
  • Keep track of IT Inventory
  • Improve Efficiency of users
  • Avoid costly vendor Penalties
  • Easy Audits - Information when you need

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