Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote IT Support Services for your Business

Mitigate Downtime

While Information technology resources, networks and servers are designed to now deliver upto 100% uptime there are times IT Goes down, and most of the times this goes un-noticed, till it starts impacting Business.

There are thousands of tools on the Internet thta will measure your website and let you know it is down, but none out there that measure the uptime of your infrastructure, whether this is servers installed at your enterprise, your network switches, and or Wireless Access Points & CCTV's, that ensure continuity of business, System3's Remote Monitoring and Management Solution is designed for this specifically.

Using a combination of On-Premise and Off-Premise Monitoring Tools, our 24x7 Network Operations Center monitors your network Infrastructure, to ensure highest uptime, and just in case something does go down, they will depending on the plan you have chose, escalate it to your on-site teams, or deploy a field team to go and fix the challenge that is causing a downtime.

No missed CCTV footage, because a Particular CCTV or the Switch that powers it was offline, or ever running out of toner, our team will monitor paramters that matter, from Disk Space on Network Storages, Servers to Network Video Recorders. They also monitor bandwidth consumption so that bandwidth can be upgraded in time, Internet service provider performance, to ensuring all health metrics for your network are in check.

Having data on your network not only avoids downtime, ensures a faster turn around time, but also provides historical analysis on how changes happen. Our Teams use the latest in technologies to ensure your network health and infrastrcture is ready to take on all the load that you plan to put on it, as you grow your business with timely inputs, and plans coming in from our team.

Whether your infrastructure is located in New Delhi, or Muktsar, or even New York, our team can monitor and help you provide inputs, insights, and remote management / monitoring / support capabilities, so that your business can focus on it's goals while we ensure your IT is available round the clock.



This is the vital stage, and reuqires our Engineers to plan on how to monitor your network, equipment you have and documentation you may have. If you don't know - worry not, our team will work with you to move to the next step.



Depending on how you are connecting with us and resources available, a deployment for a remote site can be as fast as same-day to a couple of days, once we ship you our remote probes, that sit on the network.



The moment our probes are deployed, they start gatehring data, and send it to our Network Opreations team, which monitors your network 24x7, they have access to engineers and technicians that can help solve any issue, and with global partnerships with leading Technology OEM's, and services providers the resolution is usually only a call away.
  • Go Live Immediately
  • Reliable
  • Cost Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Monitor and Manage
  • Improve Planning for Future
  • No Upfront Capital Costs
  • Available across the globe
  • Bi-Lingual Support in English and Hindi
  • 24x7 Network Operations Teams
  • Field Teams across India

Did you know each downtime can cost upto 100 times of production value?

Learn how we can help you reduce downtime, and make sure your IT is always working.

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