Rack Clean Up

Ensuring consistent connectivity for your business and making your office space safer.

Rack & Cabinet Cleanup

Clean and Organized Racks and Cabinets

Things just work better when it’s clean. A Clean network rack not only is symobolic how business stake holders may run their organisation, but it also saves you time and energy just in case there is a networking issue. Network racks have a tendency to get messy after some time, and over all the network changes. From time to time it becomes necessary to preform a network rack clean up.

A messy rack can be almost impossible to trouble shoot which wire is routed where. It can cause excessive strain on patch cables because of the lack of cable management, or from the weight of service loops.

When you ask your IT Team, you may even hear "Over the years the network grew and network switches were added or removed. Wires seemed to multiply on their own, and nobody really knew anymore how it got that way."

System3 provides server cabinet clean-up service, ensuring consistent connectivity for your business and making your office space safer.

Our engineers carefully note each and every connection to ensure all systems are networked correctly and effectively. Frayed or damaged cables get replacd, groups of relevant wires get zip-tied, everything gets labelled and documented.

We are happy to work in time lines that work for you, whether it is after hours or during the b usiness day, or even weekends, to ensure that the impact on your business is minimal and avoids any potential interruptions if equipment needs to be unplugged.

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Cleaning a rack is no easy task, and to ensure service delivery after clean up, our consultants and technicians will assess your Network / Server Racks, Document everything and propose a plan - which includes timelines, equipment needed and other things.



It sometimes is like a Jungle out there, as we call it - from networking it becomes a knotworking rack. During this phase, all Equipment is de-racked, and put back into the Rack. Proper cable dressing done, labelling done and the cables are put together in bundles. Each device that is decomissioned is tested and installed so that there are no service impacts post the Rack Clean up.



Our DCIM Platform lets you get a full document on how your Rack Looks like, what devices are wehre including Serial Numbers, Manufacture Details, Asset Tags, to cable maps of what calbe goes where. Snapshots are saved both in Exportable CSV Files, as well as our Hosted DCIM Site allowing you to access ifnormation when you need.
  • Initial site and network configuration survey
  • Designing systems with future scalability
  • Deployment of suitable cable management system
  • Define wiring color coding
  • Telephony System Setup
  • Label and Tag new wiring
  • New fiber and copper patch cords installation
  • Rack and tray installation and service
  • Reduces Risk of Electrical Fire
  • Improve Network Performance
  • Professional Appearance
  • Improve Cooling & Airflow
  • Improve Hardware Management
  • Decomission Unused Equipment and Cables
  • Testing, certification and documentation of your IT infrastructure

Tired of the way your Racks look?

Our experts in cabling, and rack dressing have delivered picture perfect racks to our clients. Clearly labelled, clean cabling and properly documented. Want to upgrade your racks to what it should look like?.

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