End Point Protection

Protection from Malware, Ransomware & Zero Day Threats

Zero Day Threat Protection

Today’s threat landscape is highly sophisticated, and the volume of new viruses is unprecedented. A standard antivirus on your computer is not enough to combat this new reality and keep you secure. Our Partner Products from Leading companies such as WatchGuard, Sophos, and Malware Bytes allow us to give you a custom solution that not only gives you a next-gen antivirus but solutions required to stop advanced cyberattacks.

Our managed end-point protection service offers management and a full stack of integrated modules for additional layers of protection for patching, extended visibility, and data control.

Stay ahead of cyber threats, including fileless malware and ransomware, and keep your business secure. Our 24x7 Helpdesk helps you get updates, remote scans, and inputs on how to keep your assets secured, whether this is a Windows, Mac or a Linux Desktop, to servers.

Our endpoint security stops ransomware, phishing, and advanced malware attacks in its tracks. Combining the industry's leading malware detection and response, our teams ensure that your small business has the protection big enterprises enjoy without worrying about hiring security experts or IT Managers specializing in Network and Workstation security.

Quickly deploy endpoint protection that doesn’t impact end-user productivity. Our endpoint protection is engineered for speed. Don’t choose between security and performance. Choose advanced endpoint protection that innovates detection as attackers’ threats evolve.

Stop malware from holding your organization back.



We can deploy our tools through a standard applciation, whether you use Windows or Mac's in your network, once you sign up, we can start deployment.



Our teams will work both on-site and remotely to help you deploy end point protection across your network, and get you onboarded. Once installed management rules for different departments, and needs can be setup and tweaked as you want.



Our Network operations teams ensure that all end points are updated, patched and in case of any alerts, immediately work with your local teams to ensure that alerts are taken care of. Policy changes as business evolves, are applied on the fly, and ensure your business is always secured.
  • Zero Day Threat Protection
  • Scan Emails, Files and Web Browsing
  • Whitelist Custom applications
  • Disable External Drives
  • Enable Web Filtering
  • Protect your business against Ransomware
  • Protect your business from malware
  • No action needed at user end
  • Account managers to tailor solutions, to your bsuiness need

Keep your business secured!

Setup a one on one session with one of our experts to understand how cyberthreats can bring your business to a standstill, and how our end point protection helps you stay protected - whether in the office or on the road.