Rack and Stack

Deploy Servers Anywhere in India

Rack and Stack

Deploying Servers in India is easy - Ship your Servers to us, tell us the Datacenter you want them installed in, and our teams will deploy them for you.

With 2 Decades of Demonstrated Experience, we are experienced in logistics, material handling, custom clearing, and data center services.

System3's Rack and Stack Customers include Majors like ZSCALER, DYN, Oracle, Aryaka amongst others.

System3's certified team of configuration and infrastructure technicians are available to support every step of your project, from design and assembly to testing and delivery.

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Eliminate labor-intensive tasks that must occur each and every time new a server cluster, storage device(s) or networking gear is installed.

Whether you are deploying it in your Private Data Center or Leased Data Center, our teams across New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai are always there to ensure that you have someone available to get your equipment racked and ready for you.

Looking at Decomissioning, we can help there too. Our team will not only remove equipment, but will also log the corresponding make, model and serial numbers for your records and the equipment is sealed before departure in one of our GPS monitored vehicles, ensuring that every piece of equipment is safe and secure from outside tampering.



Whether you are looking at moving equipment within the city, from one city to another city, or across Continents. Our Dedicated Logistics team is here to help. Giving you a clear visibility, a dashboard to access where your equipment is, and working with ground support to ensure timely custom clearance and ensuring equipment moves safely and securely.



Our Technicians come with varied experiences and exposures, from Hardware teams that can help you debug any hardware challenge, to our Racking Team that securely and clearnly racks your equipment, dresses the cables, and ensures everything is delivered as per documentation & plans.



Testing services after deployment is done, and having hands on resources from our team at data-centers across the country allows us to offer quality assurance services. Each step is documented with photographs, and explanation as well as our teams are always reachable via our central helpdesk to ensure all your equipment is deployed as per your needs.
  • On-Site Implementations (India wide Presence)
  • Order Consolidation
  • Receiving and unpacking
  • Inventory check and serial number recording
  • Custom assembly and rack mounting
  • Custom power failover testing
  • Custom pre-installation testing/configuration
  • Hardware validation
  • System Updates
  • Firmware and Bios Upgrades
  • Full Diagnostics
  • Software Loads
  • Qualid assurance inspection
  • Asset tagging / labelling
  • Final confirmations (digital Photo QA)
  • Equipment Storage
  • International Logistics
  • Custom Clearance and to-location shipping
  • Spare Parts Inventory / Spares Availability
  • On-Demand Support

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That has helped the world's largest Internet companies from Aryaka, Oracle, and ZScaler to build out their India Data Centers

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