Security Assessment & Training

Protect your name and Reputation

Teach your Staff to avoid Scams and Hacks?

Employee cybersecurity education is one of the most powerful tools in your IT security arsenal. If your team knows what to look out for, you can significantly reduce the risk from threats like phishing, malicious links and attachments, and impersonation attempts.

Well-rounded IT security tackles threats from multiple angles. You need to secure your people, processes, and technology. This type of Security Awareness Training works best when combined with assessing your security practices and controls as well as assessing vulnerabilities in your actual IT environment and technology set-up.

Security events often result in downtime, resulting in lost productivity when your systems are not available. When these occurrences are proactively mitigated, the increased availability leads to greater performance.

Our flat fee security awareness training keeps costs low to allow small and growing businesses the same level of insight

We provide you with the most up to date security measures designed to combat threats to your IT environment. Staying ahead of the curve is the best way to avoid potential security issues.

Our Security awareness & training program comes with lessons, tests, security tips, and example scenarios that allows you to easily jump between modules. After your team has undergone the training, you’ll get an evaluation of how prepared your organization is to identify and avoid cyber threats. You can set follow-up training at set intervals based on the risk level of your business.



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You’ll need an administrator within your organization to lead the training and we can ensure that this person has all the tools, processes, and guidance that they need to implement and execute a successful training program.



If our chosen security vendor does not meet your businesses needs, we can help you select another provider and implement that program instead. We’ll conduct an analysis of your security awareness training needs and canvas the market for another provider that meets your criteria. 
  • Uninterrupted Productivity
  • Latest Security Measures
  • Reduced Risk
  • Reduce Donwtime
  • Reduced Costs
  • Certified Advice
  • Vulnerability Assessment​
  • Practices and Controls Assessment​
  • Security Awareness Training​
  • Intrusion Detection​
  • Penetration Testing​

A Data breach could cost you your business!

Learn how you can tackle cyber security threats and recover from crippling breaches.

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